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How to Wear Fall’s Best Trends
One piece of lace is enough for each outfit (photo:
It’s fall in the Bay Area, and you may be tempted to keep wearing (or start wearing) your summer clothes. I say, don’t do this. I know our beautiful Indian summer warm temperatures in September and October make it hard to figure out what to wear. You probably have great summer clothing in your closet that has never been worn due to our cool summer climate. But it is fall and time to retire the white dress, light pink sweater and flip-flops. Here are some tips using the best fall trends to help you figure out how to look chic and current this season no matter what the weather.

This is an important trend for the fall season. All black is not such a big color combination right now. The more important colors are burgundy, mustard, brown, green, navy, and bright blue. There are lots of pieces this season that use blocks of color instead of pattern to create interest. You can also put together your own color block outfit by mixing, not matching, a few interesting colors.

The easiest way to create this look is to have a roadmap for the colors. I generally start with a favorite scarf, interesting piece of jewelry or handbag. Start with a top in one of the colors of your accessory piece. Maybe it will be mustard. Then add a neutral bottom. Add a belt, handbag, stockings, and shoes in other colors of the roadmap. Nothing has to match. The scarf will tie it all together. You don’t need a lot of colors – two or three are plenty. Try to use colors that are popular this season. This is great way to recycle some of your older pieces in new, interesting combinations.

This is a wonderful fabric for the warm Indian summer weather. Lace is showing up in handbags, tops, skirts, and dresses – you name it. The important thing is lace isn’t dressy anymore; it’s for daytime. Select a white, black or cream lace t-shirt and pair with any skirt or pants and like magic you have a current fall 2011 outfit. One piece of lace is enough for each outfit.

Update your fall wardrobe with a polka-dotted scarf (photo:
The season has gone a bit dotty. Dots are everywhere – on stockings, handbags, dresses, skirts, blouses, and scarves. All you need is one piece. Try some polka-dot tights with your favorite black dress or a dotted scarf with your jeans and white shirt. This is a simple way to update your old pieces for fall no matter what the weather.

Sometimes I cannot tell the difference between shoes for women or men in the shoe departments – women’s shoes are chunky, heavy, oxford-inspired, and have lots of laces. That is not to say there are no pumps to be seen, chunky shoes are just a trend that is important and can update an older item. I like putting a heavy shoe, no stockings, with a knit or silk dress or skirt. It looks new and will also be comfortable if the weather is warm. There is no need for leggings or stockings all the time. Bare legs with the heavy shoe will look of the moment.

I am in love with investing in accessories. It is such an easy way to get a new look, and they don’t seem to go out of style as fast as clothing. A good way to plan for fall is to invest in a “color story” for your accessories. I love mustard, camel, rust, and brick right now. You can buy a pair of brown boots, a mustard scarf, and brick belt. They all go together and can be worn with black, gray, navy, brown, and many other colors.

It’s the beginning of a new season. Take stock of what you love hanging in your closet from the last few fall seasons. Think about what you can add to those pieces to get a new look. Be creative and keep fall – not summer – on your mind.

Micki Turner is a Bay Area image consultant and can be reached at

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