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Water is critical to eliminate bodily toxins (©
As 2012 begins, our intentions are strong and our outlook is bright, so how do we follow through on our good intentions?  The critical factor to accomplishing anything is having our health to do it. According to Dr. Linda Nelson founder of the holistic health and wellness M’lis Company, it is estimated that 95 percent of all disease begins in a toxic colon.

Toxins can come from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, our stress level, smoking, or medications. Some signs of a toxic body are fatigue or lack of energy, weight issues (over or under), digestive problems, cravings, headaches, anxiety, depression, and skin disorders, to name a few. If you are feeling low on energy from the holiday sugar and alcohol splurge, lack of sleep from the late-night festivities, stressed from shopping or traveling, you may want to consider detoxifying your body.

There are many ways to detoxify ranging from eliminating certain foods, liquid or juice cleanses, supplements, body wraps, sweat-inducing exercise, and a complete detoxification program that combines some or all of the above.

Detoxification focuses on redirecting the body’s energy from digestion and on to healing. Ever wonder why you feel so tired after a big meal or one that consists of red meat, sugar or processed food? Your body is using your energy to digest leaving you tired and unable to concentrate. When you juice or focus on whole grains, vegetables and lean protein, your body naturally digests these foods easier and is then able to use your energy in other ways, resulting in clearer thinking and more energy to exercise.

Exercise increases circulation and oxygen flow in your body, which replenishes tissues and provides increased energy throughout the day. Exercise also releases endorphins in the brain that fight depression or mood swings. And at the very least exercise that results in sweating releases toxins from your body. Detoxification with herbal supplements can improve digestion as you expel accumulated waste, parasites and unhealthy bacteria. Organs like the kidneys, liver and colon are cleansed to help them function optimally, and blood and lymph fluids are purified, all which result in a stronger immune system. Did you know that a healthy colon rids itself of waste within 24 hours of eating; therefore if you eat three times a day, a healthy colon should be eliminating three times a day? Many people assume that once a day is “regular” when the reality could be a lazy colon or one that has encrusted waste thereby slowing down the elimination process.

This year, choose to take charge of your health:

Detox with a juice cleanse, detox body wrap, a complete detox program with supplements, or simply eliminate caffeine, alcohol, white flour, refined sugar, and red meat from your diet. Give your body a rest from these toxins and use your energy more wisely. (Start with 7, 20, or 30 days – give yourself a goal.) Exercise four to five times a week and increase your circulation, which increases oxygen and energy flow in your body. Exercise will help manage your weight, promote better sleep, and release endorphins that will make you feel great!

Hydrate your body with water, which is critical for energy, cell rejuvenation, and to regulate all your bodily functions, especially flushing your lymph system of toxins. Recommended by the holistic wellness M’lis Company, the rule of thumb is to drink a minimum of half your weight in ounces of water each day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, at a minimum you should be drinking 75 ounces of water per day.

Through detoxification you can transform and have energy when you want it and restful sleep when you need it.

Wishing you wellness in the new year!
Sharon Vendle is a holistic health practitioner at Spa Belle Vie and can be contacted through

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