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As a frequent participant in the North Beach Library’s monthly Sit-Down Readers’ Theater, I appreciated Tony Long’s mention of the event in Northside San Francisco’s July issue. There are, however, two misunderstandings in the piece that I’d like to correct.

First, readings are not in a “choir-like fashion.” Plays are usually read with each participant taking a role, with role changes for every act. Stories, novels and poems are informally divided among readers by page or paragraph.

In French language readings, participants have a good, often excellent, knowledge of French. For someone with no understanding of French, words in that language would be without meaning and of little sustained interest.

I hope that these clarifications will enable your readers to better understand the Sit-Down Readers’ Theater and encourage them to participate.

– John Peters, Polk Gulch, S.F.


The articles about Jazzy have often brought me to tears. I discovered you online and found the articles very moving. I am sure I am just one of many.

– Sandra Wood, Fairfield

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