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Pupdate No. 3 - August 2010

Juno at six weeks (left) and at six months (right)
She was nearly destroyed, the puppy licking my face and rushing around to play with her siblings. Juno once weighed less than four pounds, but six months later, this beautiful little pit bull mix has gained more than those four pounds each month of her young life.

At 27 pounds, Juno’s owners couldn’t be more pleased. “Juno was the runt of the litter and she’s definitely smaller than her sisters,” her owner Giselle said, “but her spirit and her attitude make up for any size issues.” Juno is a healthy, growing dog and people can’t resist her, alive and thriving while the odds were not in her favor.

Juno and her seven siblings were categorized as “vicious and dangerous” and slated to be euthanized, but after some pressure, San Francisco Animal Care and Control (ACC) finally agreed to allow rescue groups to take the puppies. (“The case of the killer puppies” All eight puppies are now in new homes throughout the Bay Area, undergoing training and blossoming in a big way, according to Bob Gutierrez at a Better Way Dog Training in Brisbane.

Three of the puppies (Juno, Zin and Cali) and their owners gathered at Golden Gate Park last month for a playdate. Juno is still much smaller than her sisters, but has a great spirit – the fact that she could have been destroyed is unthinkable. When she was released in the dog play area, Juno rolled around with dogs three times her size during spirited play, always returning for more. This little pit mix is precious and the star of the show wherever she goes.

This is a great example of how passionate dog people who are willing to save animals’ lives can make a huge difference. Eight dogs are leading happy, healthy lives because some humans acted humanely and stepped up to do the right thing. Stay tuned.

– E. Attanasio


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