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Click to help homeless animals
By Lynette Majer

Yes, a click is all it takes at the Animal Rescue Site ( to provide food and care for thousands of shelter animals. Here’s how it works: visit the site and click on the purple “Click here to give – it’s free” button and the site sponsors donate money for the care and feeding of animals confined to shelters across the country. It’s free for you to click because the site sponsors purchase small ads for a certain time period, and the site then tabulates how many free clicks were made during that time and bills the sponsor. The Animal Rescue Site then proportions the monies to charities that support shelter animals.

Since 2002, the site’s first year of operation, this successful, effortless way to help animals has generated over 200 million bowls of food for animals in need. From January through July this year alone, just clicking the purple button has generated over 40 million bowls of food. Everyone can click once daily, and to make it even easier, you can sign up for a daily e-mail reminder. For every new registrant, the site will donate three extra bowls of food for rescued animals living in shelters.
You can shop from over 4,500 products as well, including jewelry and clothing, garden and backyard items, and of course pet items, and between 5 and 50 percent of the purchase price provides additional funds for shelter animals. Select from over 100 “Gifts that Give More” costing as little as $1 to contribute to animal rescue or help animal victims of natural disasters, $15 to care for a street animal in India, or $28 to spay/neuter four American pets at a free clinic, and 100 percent of that amount goes directly to that charity.

Another feature on the site is e-cards – send all-occasion cards or cause-specific cards to up to 20 of your animal-loving friends at a time. Each card opened generates funds for its cause; for example, for every “Feed Rescued Animals” e-card opened, 0.6 of a bowl of food goes to rescued animals.
Other ways to help animals on this site include signing petitions. There are many to choose from, such as one sponsored by American Humane to help save animals from abuse and neglect, the ASPCA’s to end the horrible sport of dog fighting, or one sponsored by the Animal Rescue Site itself to help pets who are victims of foreclosure.

So visit, click on the purple button, and then sign up for your e-mail reminder so you can click every day to help feed and care for the 27 million unwanted shelter animals. It’s a small step, but if we all click together, we can make a difference.


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