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Pupdate No. 5 - Zin

"Killer puppy" Zin was originally named
Sandy – now she loves getting sandy
with her dog pals
An ongoing update about “The Case of the Killer Puppies” where eight puppies were confiscated after one of their parent dogs bit a woman. All the dogs were subsequently labeled as “vicious and dangerous,” the pups’ parents were euthanized, and the orphaned puppies faced the same fate until, after public outcry, rescue groups were allowed to save them. All the puppies are now being raised in loving, supportive families throughout the Bay Area. This installment is written by one of Zin’s new human parents, Holly Horton.

When Sam and I first met Zin, her name was Sandy. We were lucky enough to transport her from one foster home to another. In the drive over, we fell in love with her and just had to bring her back to our East Bay home immediately. She was almost 8 pounds then and is now almost 50. Adding Zin to our family has been a wonderful joy and we can’t imagine life without her.

When she was 14 weeks old, Zin started her puppy socialization classes and completed puppy kindergarten at the East Bay SPCA in August. We have been very impressed with the local dog park and make frequent visits now that Zin has made lots of dog and people friends. She enjoys all walks and hikes and has recently discovered digging at the on-leash, dog-friendly Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay.

Zin has done exceptionally well socializing with people of all age groups from infants to seniors over 80 years old. In her down time, she likes to chew on bones, rubber balls, a tug rope, and a black Kong stuffed with frozen peanut butter.

We feed Zin a healthful diet consisting of a homemade mixture of brown rice and low-fat meat with the addition of Wellness brand puppy food, because her veterinarian advised that a diet of all homemade food could lack calcium and other nutrients. We also give Zin Pet-Tabs supplemental vitamins and minerals to ensure she gets everything a growing pup needs.

We couldn’t be more thankful for Lori and Paul from Good Newz Pittie Pups Rescue, where we found Zin. We’re forever grateful for all they do and have done. Without them, we would not have Zin, and Zin’s siblings would not have their owners either.
                                                                                                                                             – H. Horton


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