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When I watched the Warriors game against Portland, I couldn’t help but recall your recent cover story on David Lee [“David Lee leads the Warriors with his mind and muscle,” February 2011]. During that game, Lee had 29 points and 20 rebounds in a Golden State win, utterly dominating an extremely talented Trail Blazers front line. 
I went online and reread the story by your ace columnist Michael Murphy and he is totally correct: with Stephen Curry, Monte Ellis and now David Lee, the Warriors are putting the right pieces together and they are definitely a team on the rise. I’ve read Murphy over the years, and he has prophetic insight and an uncanny ability to identify and write beautifully about up-and-coming talent and important figures in the world of sports.                  

Lee is my new favorite Warrior. 

Thanks for a perceptive and handsomely written piece about a great player.                                                                                               Kyle Chamberlin, San Francisco

I really enjoyed your article about Phil Ginsburg and his plans for Golden Gate Park [Publisher’s Note, “Six degrees of Phil Ginsburg: How a good ole boys network is taking Golden Gate Park to hell in a hand basket,” March 2011]. I grew up out there, still visit it regularly, and would hate to see it turned into another Disneyland. Thanks! 
I look forward to reading some more of your newspaper(s) and hope you keep those good young boys at City Hall in line. Your article about Ginsburg had a real moral fervor that is so rare today but still so necessary.
                                                                                              Peter Garland, Oakland
A few months ago I appeared on KGO radio with John Rothmann. He gave me a copy of the column about going to Candlestick Park [Publisher’s Note, “Freezing with my father at Candlestick Park,” December 2010]. It captured how many others and I feel about Candlestick Park, and it was this affection that prompted me to write my book, Candlestick Park, to chronicle the park’s history.  

                                                                                           Ted Atlas, Campbell

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