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Pupdate No. 6: Crunch

Crunch's owner Michael Nightingale
describes him as being "a funny
mixture of tough and delicate"
An ongoing update about “The Case of the Killer Puppies” where eight puppies were confiscated after one of their parent dogs bit a woman. All the dogs were subsequently labeled as “vicious and dangerous,” the pups’ parents were euthanized, and the orphaned puppies faced the same fate until, after public outcry, rescue groups were allowed to save them. All the puppies are now being raised in loving, supportive families throughout the Bay Area.

Here’s an update about Crunch, another member of the doomed litter who has found an amazing owner and vice-versa.

Former dog walker Michael Nightingale explained the unlikeliest set of circumstances under which he found his pup. “I was actually out on a date and it was my date who wanted to look at the puppies in front of Cafe Flore one Sunday in early summer,” Nightingale said. “I wasn’t planning to adopt, but I love puppies, and I was happy to join in the fun.”

Crunch stole Nightingale’s heart that day, and quickly his date became Plan B. “Well, my date made a huge mistake that day. I fell in love with Crunch, and after a thorough screening by Lori of Good Newz Pittie Pups Rescue, I found out some days later that I had lucked out. My life was to be changed by an addition to my household. This was actually bad news for my date, as I became far too busy with pup duties to be able to spend the requisite time with him!”

Nightingale said Crunch has been an entertaining character from the start. “He is very inquisitive and gregarious, walking up to strangers to sniff them, giving children kisses, or swapping calling cards with other dogs. Therefore he needed to learn to walk and to heel pretty fast, but he was an excellent learner and did very well.” Like all of the killer puppies, Crunch was a star pupil in Bob Gutierrez’s A Better Way Dog Training obedience classes.

Crunch’s inquisitive nature can sometimes be an issue, Nightingale explained. “Of course, his curiosity can sometimes be a big problem. He used to eat shoes (choosing the most expensive ones, naturally), and has a penchant for eating cables, actually causing a delay to this interview by chewing through my phone cables and disabling my land line.”

Nightingale was surprised to see Crunch grow so big so fast. “He was 7 pounds when I got him, and he is now 57 pounds and still growing. I really expected him to be less than 50 pounds, but I guess there’s just more to love now!”

Since being neutered, Crunch seems to be going through a slightly rebellious phase, according to Nightingale. “We had to start working on recall again, but even when he refuses to come to me, he will sit, so that I can go to him. He always responds to ‘off’ and breaks off from play, so I don’t anticipate any problems with the way he interacts with other dogs. He is a funny mixture of tough and delicate, but is certainly very gentle. I feel extremely fortunate to be sharing my life with him.”

                                                                                                                                  – E. Attanasio

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