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Pupdate No. 2 - July 2010

Juno, age 6 weeks, kissing Rocket Dog’s Pali Boucher

They narrowly escaped death when their parents were euthanized as “vicious and dangerous” dogs, and they failed San Francisco Animal Care and Control’s antiquated behavior test at the age of 6 weeks. (They were said to be “fearful and under-socialized” based on the same assessment used for adult dogs.) But I am happy to report that all eight of the puppies from last month’s Jasmine Blue’s Tails of the Dog Park column (“The case of the killer puppies”) are thriving in their new homes.

The first puppy we met, Juno (the tiniest pup who was no bigger than a coffee cup), is now close to 15 pounds. Her new human mom, Giselle, says that she is very smart and excelling in her fourth week of the Ian Dunbar 12-week Sirius Dog Training program. Giselle also says Juno is the mellowest puppy she’s ever had and she is sweet and gentle with her two Chihuahuas, aged 9 and 10, and her 5-year-old human sister. “She is absolutely the light of our lives, and it’s so wonderful to add another child with fur to the mix. When in public people cannot resist her, and she joyfully receives rubs and kisses with a flapping tongue and active tail,” says Giselle.

Juno at 4 months hanging out with her human sister

Two of Juno’s siblings, Crunch and Cali, are happily attending puppy classes with Bob Gutierrez at A Better Way Dog Training in Brisbane, where they are blossoming into extremely well-adjusted puppies with excellent potential. Weighing in at just seven pounds when he was adopted, Crunch’s new human dad, Michael, says he is now a healthy 29 pounds. Crunch hangs out at Duboce Park multiple times daily, where he is very popular with both dogs and dog parents – but his true love is children. He also walks well on a leash. “I feel very lucky to have such a sweet, adorable puppy,” says Michael. “I am horrified by the fate [he could have suffered] that would obviously have been so wrong.”

View a video of Crunch in action


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